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Don't worry, it's not the cheesy version of the song by Bryan Adams. I thought the punkrock version by New Found Glory fits a little bit better.
So I haven't made a fanvid for over a year and now I remember why. It's so much work, costs a lot of time and nerves and wmm is a pain in the ass. Still I couldn't resist to make this one =)

Fandom: Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Cameron/Sarah
Song: (Everything I do) I do it for you - New Found Glory
Epsiode(s): All
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You know it's true everything I do I do it for you )

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Promo vid

Dec. 3rd, 2007 06:55 pm
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I made a new L-Word video, it's a promo for season 5 and mixture of all official promos. I just mixed them and thought that the song "Eye of the tiger" is fitting for it.

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Still 40 days til the next season, so I made a small video just to remember the good old Tibette times. Okay, there is not really a plot... it's a pwp video if you want to call it that... I can live with that, because they're just too hot =) and I still love them.

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Yes, again I’m posting a video despite the fact that I know that no one on my flist is really interested in the pairing. But this is what my journal is for, to distribute everything my muse wants to create…or spits out *lol* … and because my real life is just too boring to fill a journal sensibly ;)

Oh and for those who are interested in my story “love is a losing game”… I’m working on the third part and I hope that I’ll finish it soon. Right now I’m having some problems to image what the characters would say in such a situation, I don’t want them to become ooc.

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I made another fan video! I follow my muse, what more can I say? It's nothing special, I just wanted to celebrate this weeks episodes of gzsz *gg* I know the show sucks and I swear I only started to watch it because of those two and I will only watch it as long as they are so cute. Right now I have a tiny little hope that there will be a happy end.

Windows Movie Maker annoyed me. So far I only used the program for animated icons and for this small CSI/L-Word opening, so I didn't know that it is so sensitive. I had to re-open it countless times and always had to start from the beginning with the video *sigh* Does anyone have a tutorial for making videos or can point me towards another program?

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This is my first attempt to make a video. I wanted to start with something small, but it was much more work and took me longer than I've expected. These are the CSI opening credits starring our L-Word girls and I hope you like it =)

And as the quality on youtube isn't as good as it is of the original video you can DOWNLOAD it @ megaupload

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