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You thought I would post the mood theme and that's it? No way *lol*
I had some finished mood pics and some screencaps left, which I didn't use for the theme. But maybe you wanna use them, so here are 31 pics. You can replace them with the others or you could use both and switch between them.


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I finally finished my first mood theme! *yay* It's my first theme and I think that it will be the only one, because it was a lot of work and it took me many hours. Hopefully you all think that it was worth it =)

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May. 29th, 2007 03:51 pm
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The season 4 mood theme is almost finished, but I have to admit that I can't look at screencaps anymore and that I'm running out of ideas for scenes =( There are only 25 moods left and maybe some of you have a scene or even a screencap for me =) Please *puppy eyes* I already have a scene in mind for some of them, but it's just way to dark or I already used a pic of the scene for another mood. *sighs* suggestions of any kind are very welcome. In return you can request an icon or a fo-banner!

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I'm currently in the process of making this:

A season 4 mood theme *yay* I have finished 60 pics so far so it's still a lot of work. The very nice side effect is that I've made screencaps, which I can't use for the theme, but for icons =)


[x] please comment, credit and enjoy!

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