Sep. 29th, 2016 02:51 pm
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With the beginning of fall the tv landscape got a little bit more interesting again. Like every year I'm interested what new tv shows are on your radar. I'm always open for recommendations.

On my "Will give it a try" list are:

Currently catching up with:

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Summer TV

Jun. 10th, 2016 12:16 pm
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The television season has ended. Yes, there're a couple of episodes left of some shows and summer will bring great shows as well, but as every year I'll use the chance to catch up on some shows I missed the first time around.

These shows are on my catching-up list )

Any shows you're planning on catching up to? Or any shows you can recommend to me?

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On Air

Oct. 13th, 2015 02:12 pm
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The big summer break is over and all our beloved tv shows are starting to air again one after the after - awesome summer shows like Sense 8 aside.

So lets discuss:
- Which show did you anticipate the most/missed the most?
- How did you fill the summer gap? Summer shows, rewatching and/or catching up?
- Any brand new shows on your radar?
- Feel free to recommend

My answers )

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May. 13th, 2015 12:13 pm
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Just sold my dvd box of Orphan Black Season 1 to a girl, who's going to write her bachelor thesis about it. I thinks that's pretty awesome. The show deserves it.

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Jan. 7th, 2014 04:55 pm
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A little bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish you all the best.

Not so long ago I asked you for recommendations as I was ready for some new tv shows. Thank you for all your suggestions, there were so many! So far I’ve caught up with “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Sleepy Hollow” and with “The Originals”. Well, I was disappointed with…  )

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Over the last couple of months I’ve lost quite some TV shows. Many of them have ended like Dexter, Merlin, Fringe, Sanctuary, Leverage, United States of Tara and some are currently on their last season like Supernatural. But also a lot new shows have started. So now I’m searching for replacements, shows that can fill the holes. What is you latest addiction? What new show rocked your socks? What can you really recommend? What about shows like ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Hannibal’ , ‘The Originals’ or ‘Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’? Worthy of checking out?

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] ronmionefan and to [ profile] arkady_ !! Have an awesome day!

My internet finding of the day *g*

So true. Love it. Love The Walking Dead and Daryl is just awesome. He’s my favorite character, besides Michonne.

honorable mention:

Yeah, definitely would call him when Darleks, Cybermen or Weeping Angels were after me.

So, what’s your favorite version of the “keep calm and carry on” slogan?

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As promised here's the second batch of the 'show your love' icons.

[31] I heart... & I ship it icons of all sorts of fandoms!


... I ship it! )

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Not exactly Valentine's Day icons, but show your love icons *g*

[51] I heart... & I ship it icons of all sorts of fandoms!


I heart... )

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Damn, Dexter season finale ftw!!
I've just watched the last episode of season 4 and I so didn't see that coming! Awesome, well in a bad kinda way, but still pretty awesome! I love that show.

Yes, I know that I'm behind everything... fanfiction, icons, etc. and the only lame excuse I have (as always)... real life happens. Btw, I need a Christmas present for my girl. Any ideas?

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When I first started to watch 'Heroes' I loved it! It was 100% my kind of show. Season 3 was a disappointment, the show was boring and only during the last couple of episodes it got better. So season 4 is not good and not bad either so far, I guess I still watch it out of habit *shrugs*
Today I came across a spoiler, which I usually try to avoid, but the headline 'Heroes: See Claire's same-sex kiss' made me curious of course! *g* There's no chance I'm going to drop the show now ;)

Spoiler: promotion still )

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Better late then never, right? Well, there wasn't a lot of subtext going on anyways and it took me some days to realize and to accept that the l word is really over. I'll mostly ramble about it in this post.

cut for spoilers of the finale and the interrogation vids )

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There isn't much to say about TSCC and Dollhouse. Both episodes were great and finally I enjoyed Terminator more. It was a great episode, especially the Cameron scenes. I sensed that Cameron would kill the bird at some point, I predicted it in my story 'Lucky Charm'. Go me ;) And I'm also not that wrong with Cameron's glitch or her changing either, only that my Cameron isn't creepy, she's just confused by her feelings in 'Under the mistletoe'. *hehe*

Anyways, the award for the slashiest couple of last week definitely goes to Riley and Jesse! There was a lot of sexual tension and I expected them to have angry!girlsex when they fought, particularly when Riley shoved Jesse against a wall I thought: "Kiss already!" And of course Riley's confession "I loved you!" Breaking-up is always hard, but this break-up had a really bad ending.

Now I'm going to watch the final episode of The L-Word. Some part of me doesn't want to watch it. Not only because I know Ilene will fuck up as much as she can, but it will really be over when I've watched it.

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This is not a very witty and insightful review. Usually I don't even review episodes of the L Word, because it's so much more fun to make straight fandoms gay by interpreting every glance or the slightest touch...

cut for possible spoilers also in the comments )

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This week's episodes of TSCC and Dollhouse are even for me. They were both quite good. So lets start with Terminator.

- Big plus: Lots of Sarah! Yay for that! The show is named after her and finally she gets the screentime she deserves *nods*
- Big minus: Somewhat of Cameron! Still not nearly enough, but I enjoyed the small scenes she had... like giving the snack machine a firm pat and John gets all those snacks for free. Cameron looked all guilty when Sarah came in *hehe* Or the pancake talk in the cafeteria. Sarah: "I don't have a recipe." Cameron: "The recipe on the box." HA! Take this! Such a smart ass.
- Even though I didn't like how Cameron smiled at John when he said: "Those won't be as good as yours" I distracted myself with Sarah's reaction to that. Jealousy! Oh yes, Sarah is jealous that John gets to enjoy her pancakes when she and Cameron used to eat them together in bed *g* she just misses her cybernatic baby.
- Cameron, I saw that look and little nod you gave Sarah, before leaving. Sarah, I definitely saw you looking longingly at her, too.
- Aw, poor Cameron wants to know what its like to dream *pats her on the head* Sometimes its better to not know, not all dreams are bathing with Sarah or tank top!Sarah.
- The scenes with Sarah and the guy in the van were intense. Great acting, two thumbs up for Lena. I totally bought everything from you.
- I liked Sarah's roommate: Dana. She's suppossed to be Sarah, right? Her fears, weaknesses and bad habits like smoking, young men (and young girls, not to forget) and dreaming that she dies by fire. Entertaining and clever detail: British accent <3 It probably wasn't easy for Lena to swallow her own British accent.
- the whole plot was good, too. not too confusing and weird and still interesting. I wasn't that surprised that the sleeping facility was a dream and the van reality, but it was nicely done though.
- why was Cameron walking around the house in only her underwear when Sarah isn't at home? where's the fun in that? Because she likes to torture John, to show him what he can't have and what is all reserved for his mother.
- no Derek, Riley, Jesse, Weaver, John Henry or Ellison, because it was Lena!time *g*

= way better as the episode before! thanks for that

Okay, I'll write my review for Dollhouse later or tomorrow. I've catched a cold and as I really have to go to work tomorrow I need a nap right now. Damn, concentrating can be exhausting.

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I didn't expect it to happen but I enjoyed Dollhouse more as TSCC! How did that happen?

Well, Dollhouse had all the action and tension! Eliza was beautiful and hot as always. Alright the running through woods reminded a lot of her movie Wrong Turn, but this episode had an intriguing plot in which they started to explore Echo's history and also her relationship with Boyd. It has a nice father/daughter touch and even though he doesn't want to care he does.

As for The Sarah Connor Chronicles I've to admit that I was bored. There wasn't enough action, there wasn't enough interaction between the main characters and the story line gets weird. I hope the next episode will be better. More Cameron and especially more Cameron/Sarah, it has been ages since they interacted the last time. And also more character development, please. Oh, and btw, thanks Sarah for stopping the craziness and seeing yourself or your dead ex lover around you.

No bullet points listing this time. There was no slash at all in both shows, not even subtext and no, Sarah and the widow doesn't count. I'm not that desperate.
At least Leverage had a slashy moment! When Sophie spread her arms and Parker ran towards her, grabbing her and jumping of that roof... aw, that's how you win a shipper heart.

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Lets start (of course with) The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

- Sarah, I already told you that seeing images of yourself is not a good sign of your mental health. But seeing your dead ex-lover? That isn't really what I would call an improvement and I'm worried about you.

- on the plus side, even though you're in a lot pain, you're still quite pretty

- Riley survived! thanks for that, because I expect her to keep Cameron away from John

- well, but no Riley went all femslashy on Jessie and begged her to let her stay with her even if only for an hour. How much do you charge for an hour, Riley, or is it for free for Jessie?

- almost no Cameron :/ lots of Sarah =) and no Camerah :/

- Felicia and Sarah would make great friends and we all know how good Sarah could use a friend

- Derek to Felicia pointing at Sarah: "I'm here for her." That sounded macho. Wouldn't it have been way more better if it were Cameron who said those words? Aw, that would've made my shipper heart squeeing.

And as for Dollhouse:

- Eliza, you really did surprise me with your acting. You were awesome! And you're hot as hell

- Amy, it's so good to see you back on screen and I like your new haircut. It's cute.

- Echo/Claire, sounds like a slashable pairing to me. how about you? Their scene definitely was slashy, especially when Echo tried to touch her face and when Claire asked her whether she would like a massage. be still my dirty fantasy.

- I have no opinion on Sierra yet. She looks kinda weird to me, probably because she just isn't my type ;)

- Joss, you're my hero! you gave me Buffy, Angel and Firefly and now Dollhouse. Thank you! I'm already hooked and intrigued.

- Does your mind go all femslashy too at all the possibilities Echo provides? Roleplay! Think of it. you can imprint her with whatever personality you like and write a crossover with every fandom. So lets say Cameron wants to do something nice for Sarah, has Echo imprinted with the accordingly personality and so Echo has the perfect one night stand with Sarah!

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Feb. 12th, 2009 09:35 pm
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A combined trailer for 'Dollhouse' and 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' that combines the hotness of Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau. Be still my beating heart. Though they should have included Lena Headey too.
Both shows air tomorrow and I'm so excited!

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As we had a lot of nice slashable Cameron/Sarah moments in the last episode, there was not a single one in this =(

- I somehow expected Agend Mulder to show up at the UFO convention and scream: "It's all true! They're out there."
- tank top!Sarah, finally! I've missed it to see her wearing a nice fitting tank top. yummy
- Cameron to Riley: "Your tatoo. It's tight. I'm thinking of getting one. Can I look at yours?" Nice pick-up line, Cam, but no you should only search Sarah's body for tatoos.
- John: "Hey, what's going on?" Cameron: "I'm looking at her star." That really sounded dirty.
- Sarah + shooting + reloading + shooting some more = hot action girl
- the Jesse & Riley in the hotel room scenes were full of subtext. The story of them finally got interesting.
- Jesse to Riley: "I'm not your friend. I'm not your mother.It's just sex"
- Sarah, I'm sorry to say that, but you're loosing it a little. Seeing images of yourself is not a good sign.
- Is Riley dead? She looked pretty dead to me. Hopefully she's not so that she can continue to distract John. Please no Cameron/John romance
- okay, Sarah, listen. The lesson of last episode was: Always let Cameron drive. The lesson of this episode is: Don't follow a lead and especially don't go alone into a warehouse in the dessert without Cameron! Not smart.
- No Derek. Fine by me.
- Sarah's messy hair was extra messy in this episode. It's teh sex, I love it. It's that messy because she and Cameron had a lot of sex fun last night.
- wtf cliffhanger?! Now I've to wait til February? Not fair *pouts*

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Just some quick thoughts on the latest episode:

- Sarah: "Your house sitter is dead by the way." just after telling them about Skynet and that a killing machine is hunting them. Very sensitive *g*
- girl: "What about Charles Barkley?" that's seriously the name they gave their dog? Sarah's and Cameron's simultaneous: "No" = old married couple (I'm not getting tired of repeating myself)
- They way Cameron calls "Sarah!" before they crash into the other car made me smile. She's not used to Sarah getting distracted by someone else beside herself. Always let Cameron drive!
- Sarah staying behind, watching Cameron taking the bullets and only leaving as Cameron starts to fight back made my shipper heart melt. Such an awww moment.
- yay for Sarah taking charge and being in fighting mode. We need more of that.
- Sarah: "No one stays behind" meaning "I'm not leaving without my girlfriend"
- father: "What were you doing at my computer?" girl: "Looking at lesbian porn." *lol* that's one way to come out to your parents.
- the later it gets the more Sarah seemed to be worried about Cameron. Cute
- first thing Sarah does after Cameron flies through the window? of course rushing to her side and checking on her. concerned!Sarah is sweet.
- Cameron referring to Roger: "He's human?" girl: "Yes, of course!" Cameron: "My mistake." funny!Cameron without trying to be funny is made of win.

All in all it was a good, entertaining episode. No John and Riley! Thank you, I needed a break from them.

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