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It was about time that I compiled my stuff in a list. At least it felt that way =) Maybe some of you will find it useful.

Agent Carter

Dottie/Peggy - Tipping the Velvet
drabble; NC-17 // It's Peggy's first time with a woman, but nervousness is not an option.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bobbi/Jemma/May - Mistress of the Hour
drabble; NC-17 // When there's a two whores thirty percent off discount, Jemma seizes the opportunity. 

Bobbi/May - In the Palm of Her Hand
drabble; NC-17 // May and Bobbi are trading favors in prison.

Bobbi/May - Getting Fired Up
drabble; PG-13 // They have their own special kind of foreplay.

May/Skye - Not All Her Way
drabble; R // May offers to teach Skye a thing or two.

May/Jemma - Best Damn View
drabble; NC-17 // May has a very nice view, even in the holding cell.

May/Jemma - Codename Damsel
drabble; PG-13 // The cavalry comes to the rescue of the little damsel.

Jemma/Skye - Long Way To Happy
drabble; PG-13 // When the dust of battle settles we finally see what's right in front of us.

Jemma/Skye - Not Just a Joke
drabble; PG // Skye and Jemma take Lola to a drive-in movie.

Jemma/Skye - Good Vibrations
drabble; NC-17 // Skye likes to play with her new abilities, especially in public.

Jemma/Skye - Accidental Nudity
drabble; PG-13 // Where is your love for adventure?

Jemma/Skye - Safer With You
drabble; PG // The world was too loud, too bright and just too much of everything for Jemma.

Jemma/Skye, Bobbi/Jemma - Missed Chances and Unexpected Possibilities
one shot story; NC-17 // Finally tell Skye how you feel, that's what you want to do first when you return. But things rarely take course as planned.

Jemma/Skye - Red on White
drabble; NC-17 // Jemma waits on her monthly visitor.

Daisy/Jemma -Flirting...with Brachiosaurs
drabble; PG // It's Daisy's first day on Isla Nubla, but she isn't only impressed by the dinosaurs.

Daisy/Jemma, Fitz - Disaster Averted
drabble; PG-13 // Fitz convinces Jemma to tutor one of the coolest kids in the school.

Daisy/Jemma - Worst Date Ever
drabble; PG-13 // Ghosts aren't real, are they?

Daisy/Jemma, Bobbi/Daisy - Tattoo Girl and the Interfering Ex
drabble; PG // Becoming friends with the ex couldn't possibly be healthy. 

Daisy/Jemma - Half-Life of Hope
drabble; NC-17 // Day 273 after the outbreak. 


Felicity/Sara - In for the Reward
drabble; NC-17 // The sweet prospect of a reward has Felicity hanging on the edge.

Felicity/Sara - Pillow Talk
drabble; PG-13 // Everyone has at least one secret kink.

Felicty/Sara - Agony of Choice
drabble; PG-13 // Felicity is a bit overwhelmed by Sara's variety of sex toys.

Felicty/Sara - Too Hot to Think
drabble; PG-13 // Things get heated up in the steam sauna.

Felicity/Sara - If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Fun
drabble; PG-13 // Sara needs and enjoys to feel constricted.

Felicity/Sara - Tease Me 'til it Hurts
drabble; NC-17 // Felicity continues to play her part as a tease, Sara submits. Sequel to "If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Fun".

Felicity/Sara, Oliver - Living Out a Fantasy
one shot story; NC-17 // The Canary and the Arrow fulfill a dirty fantasy of one Felicity Smoak.

Felicity/Sara - Tired of Watching (from the Shadows)
drabble; NC-17 // In a dark alley Felicity is taken by surprise.

Felicity/Sara - Quite a Lovely Shade of Red
drabble; NC-17 // Disobedience needs to be punished.

Felicity/Sara - The Newest Addition
drabble; NC-17 // Sara really loves the latest addition to their toy collection.

Felicity/Sara - Wrecked and Pleading
drabble; NC-17 // All there is left for Felicity is to beg.

Felicity/Sara - Hurts so Good
drabble; NC-17 // You would’ve never imagined you’d like it to hurt.

Felicity/Sara - Firmly in the Saddle
drabble; NC-17 // Tied to a chair Felicity watches Sara fucking herself.

Black Sails

Eleanor/Max - Two Little Words
drabble; PG-13 // A decisive moment.

Anne/Max - Spellbound by You
drabble; PG-13 // Max has a certain effect on Anne.


Jane/Zapata - Intense
drabble; PG-13 // To her own surprise Jane ends up sleeping with Zapata.

Jane/Zapata - About Time
drabble; PG-13 // Jane only has eyes for one particular person on the dance floor.


Angela/Brennan - Cleopatra's bed
flash fiction; NC-17 // Angela and Brennan need to get a security tape, which captured them in an intimate situation.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Kennedy/Willow, mentions Oz/Willow, Buffy/Faith, Tara/Willow - Waking Up
[Part 1]; [Part 2]; [Part 3]; [Part 4]; [Part 5]
short story; PG-13 // After a night with some drinks Willow wakes up in the bed of a stranger.


Bennett/Caroline - The Definition of Foreplay
flash fiction; NC-17 // What counts as foreplay is in the eye of the beholder.

Adelle/Echo - Slice of Fantasy
flash fiction; NC-17 // From time to time Adelle gets her own slice of the fantasy she sells.

Game of Thrones

Cersei/Margaery - The Lioness and the Deer
ficlet; NC-17; Warnings: Non-Con; implies rape; age difference; bondage; abuse of power //Cersei's grief needs an outlet.


Rachel/Quinn - Stranger than usual
one shot story; NC-17 // Rachel is even stranger than usual when Quinn wakes up after passing out.

Rachel/Quinn - Where did we begin
ficlet; PG //Rachel wonders where she and Quinn did begin.

Rachel/Quinn - Even Princesses Need a Break
drabble; NC-17 // Rachel and Quinn have a summer job at Disneyland.

Rachel/Quinn - Sound of Your Heart
ficlet; PG-13; Warnings: Angst // Quinn should've known better than texting while driving.

Rachel/Quinn - It Just Kinda Happened
ficlet; PG // Rachel has mourned Finn long enough, so Quinn tries to get her out of her shell.

Rachel/Quinn - Morning Sweetness
drabble; PG // Exhaustion leeds to dramatic declarations of love.

Rachel/Quinn - What Not to Wear to a Zombie Apocalypse
ficlet; PG-13; Warnings: Major Character Deaths // Roaming the streets as a zombie certainly wasn't how Quinn imagined the afterlife.

Rachel/Quinn - Movie Buff
ficlet; PG-13 // Rachel isn’t too thrilled with Quinn’s choice for their movie night.

Brittany/Santana - First Memento
drabble; R // Where a new journey begins mementos are being made

Brittany/Santana - Pure Perfection
drabble; PG-13 // The art of dancing.

Brittany/Santana; mentions Marley/Kitty - Passing the Pom Poms
drabble; PG-13 // There will always be a generational change eventually.

Brittany/Santana - It's Brittany, Bitch!
drabble; NC-17 // Maybe it's not such a good idea to reverse their roles, but maybe it is.

Brittany/Quinn/Santana - Date Night Habits
drabble; PG-13 //Strip Poker and body shots

Brittany/Quinn/Santana - Inevitability of Evolution
ficlet; PG-13 // All Quinn wants is for somebody to love her. Her two best friends can help with that.

Quinn/Santana - Glitter in the Air
flash fiction; R // The morning after Quinn found out why college girls do experiment.

Quinn/Santana, mentions Brittany/Santana, Finn/Rachel - Down the Rabbit Hole
ficlet; PG-13 //It's Disney week at Glee club.

Quinn/Santana, mentions Brittany/Santana, Quinn/Puck - Anatomy of a Friendship
ficlet; PG-13 // Quinn and Santana had been friends, enemies and lover's for one night. Going back to being just friends wasn't as easy as they thought.

Quinn/Santana - Journey to the Stars
ficlet; PG-13 // Being in love with your best friend feels like an alien is going to burst through your chest. At least this is how Santana sees it. Sequel to "Anatomy of a Friendship".

Quinn/Santana, mentions Rachel/Quinn - Heartboken
drabble; PG-13; Warning: implies character death // It's just too much to bear.

Quinn/Santana - Pink Note
drabble; PG-13 // A pink note causes a stir.

Quinn/Santana, mentions Brittany/Santana, Puck/Quinn - Road Untaken
drabble; PG // Santana confronts Quinn with the fact that she wasn't at the wedding.

Marley/Kitty - Smart Girls like Bad Girls
ficlet; PG-13 // Marley's guilty pleasure? Kitty of course, what else?

Marley/Kitty - Drug of Choice
drabble; NC-17; Sequel to "Smart Girls like Bad Girls" // Kitty was an addict and her drug of choice was named Marley Rose.

Marley/Kitty - Still the One (that Makes You Weak)
ficlet; PG; Continuation of "Smart Girls like Bad Girls" and "Drug of Choice" // Even after Marley changed schools and Glee club was shut down, they're still drawn together.

Rachel/Santana - Changing Room Confessions
flash fiction; PG-13 // Shopping, lingerie and a confession.

Rachel/Santana - A Proactive Solution
ficlet; PG-13 // Santana isn't the only one awake in New York at 4 am.

Gossip Girl

Blair/Serena, Gossip Girl’s POV - Love is a Bitch
drabble; PG-13 // Gossip Girl knows the real reason why Serena left NY for the summer.


Barbara/Renee - Something New
drabble; NC-17 // Barbara wants to try something new.

Fish/Liza - Fine Art of Seduction
drabble; PG-13 // Fish teaches Liza a lesson or two.

Kristen/Leslie, Nygma - The Riddle's on Him This Time
drabble; PG // Nygma observes odd things happening in the archive.


Alana/Bedelia - A Little Less Broken
drabble; PG-13 // edelia touches something in Alana that Margot isn't able to.


Claire/Gretchen - Foolish Bravery
flash fiction; PG-13 // Everything we do has consequences, but Gretchen is scared of them.

Claire/Lydia, mentions Claire/Gretchen - A heart’s secret desire
flash fiction, PG-13 // Samuel send Lydia to Claire to find out what she secretly desires.

Jessica Jones

Jeri/Pam - Just a Button
drabble; PG-13 // Pam and Jeri enjoy the quiet hours at the office.

Mr. Robot

Angela/Darlene - Familiar Fantasy
drabble; NC-17 // Darlene finds herself having a familiar fantasy.

Once Upon a Time

Belle/Granny - Sweet Torture
drabble; PG // Belle gets distracted by Granny.

Belle/Regina - Fragile Heart
drabble; PG-13 // Regina visits Belle to get her heart.

Belle/Regina - Perfect Light to Read By
drabble; NC-17 // It's all about the perfect lighting.

Belle/Regina, Belle/Ruby - Momentus Interruptus
drabble; PG // All it needs is one special moment, that's what Regina is hoping.

Belle/Ruby - Pixie Dust is Never Wrong
drabble; PG // Ruby wonders if she deserves to be loved again and asks Tinkerbell for a favor.

Belle/Ruby - A Spoonful of Sugar
one shot story; PG // Ruby and Belle have kept their relationship secret so far, but on a stormy day that might change.

Belle/Ruby - Blindfolds and Spotlights
drabble, PG-13 // It's Belle's birthday, so Emma takes her to a strip club.

Belle/Ruby - One Track Mind
drabble; PG-13 // Ruby can only think about one thing.

Emma/Mary Margaret - Pizza by Candleligt
drabble; PG // Emma surprises Mary Margaret.

Emma/Mary Margaret + Regina - Immorality of Team Heroes
drabble; PG-13 // Regina catches Emma and Snow in a compromising situation.

Emma/Regina - The Mind Works in Mysterious Ways
drabble; PG // The Bug, a stakeout and a visitor.

Emma/Regina - Eskimo Kisses
drabble; PG // Emma needs saving, Regina is there to provide it.

Emma/Regina - Lust & Ice Cream
one shot story; PWP; NC-17 // They've talked about it and they've done the research so there's no need for them to hold their fire.

Emma/Regina - Snugger Fit
short story; PWP; NC-17 // Sequel to "Lust & Ice Cream" // Regina has a plan how to get what she wants and how to punish Emma for last night.

Lacey/Ruby - Downward-Facing Dog
drabble; PG-13 // Why Ruby had thought taking over a yoga class was a good idea she had no clue.

Regina/Ruby - Private Dance
drabble; PG-13 // Prelude of a lap dance.

Orange Is The New Black

Alex/Piper, Alex's POV- Rock You Like A Hurricane
drabble; PG-13 // Their relationship is like a hurricane.

Alex/Poussey - Dancing in the Rain
drabble; PG // An imaginary rock concert can be just as much fun.

Poussey/Soso - Ode to Joy
drabble; NC-17 // You both had been so desperate for love.

Orphan Black

Alison/Aynsley - Anger Outlet
drabble; NC-17 // Alison and Aynsley find a way to deal with their anger.

Cosima/Delphine - It's Complicated
drabble; PG-13 // It has always been complicated between them.

Cosima/Delphine/Shay - Haze of Pleasure
drabble; PG-13 // It's a thin line between dream and reality.


Charlie/Nora - Forbidden Fruit
one shot story, PWP; NC-17 // Charlie is freezing and Nora helps her to warm up.


Audrey/Emma - Daffodils on the Mind
drabble; NC-17 // Emma needs to be in control for a change, Audrey lets her.

Audrey/Emma - Juicy Memories
drabble; PG-13 // Audrey thinks back to a juicy moment between her and Emma.


Amanita/Nomi/Riley - Safe Haven
drabble; PG-13 // Riley cherishes the comfort they offer.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Beverly/Deanna, implies Deanna/William - Not Soon Enough Spoken
drabble, PG // A private moment between Beverly and Deanna before the wedding.


Alex/Maggie - Exercising Patience
drabble; PG-13 // Sexual frustration isn't something Maggie handles well.

Alex/Maggie - First Dance
drabble; PG // There's nothing as exciting and emotional as this special kind of a first dance.

Alex/Lucy - Strictly Professional
drabble; PG-13 // The first time was a shock for both of them.

Teen Wolf

Allison/Kira - Done Sharing
drabble, PG // Allison is torn between her obligations as a hunter and as a pack member.

Allison/Lydia - Momentary Perfection
drabble; PG-13 // Don't you think we should talk about it?

Lydia/Malia - A Welcome Distraction
drabble; PG-13 // Malia knows exactly how to distract Lydia.

Melissa/Noshiko - Just a Little Friendly Stress Relief
drabble; NC-17 // Melissa and Noshiko are both in need of some stress relief.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Cameron/Sarah - Fabrics & Materials
one shot story; NC-17 // The world of the terminator Cameron Phillips consisted of more than zeros and ones.

Cameron/Sarah - Second Chances
one shot story; PG-13 // There’s no second try for a first kiss. Or is there?

Cameron/Sarah - Shattered Soul
drabble; PG-13 // Is Sarah’s spirit broken or unbreakable?

Cameron/Sarah; Happy Buildday
[Prologue + Chapter 1]; [Chapter 2]; [Chapter 3]
short story; PG-13 // It is Cameron’s second year since she was first built. Sarah and John decide to celebrate it the traditional way in the Connor family. Together, they pull practical jokes on Cameron for the day until the final celebration that evening.

Cameron/Sarah – Under the Mistletoe
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12] [Chapter 13] [Chapter 14] [Chapter 15]
novel; PG-13 some NC-17 // As Christmas is coming closer even the Connor household gets into the seasonal spirit.

Cameron/Sarah - Visible and Invisible Scratches
flash fiction; PG-13 // Sarah has scratches, some are visible and some are not.

Cameron/Sarah - Mine
drabble; PG-13 // Certain things leave their mark.

Cameron/Sarah - Silent Invite
drabble; PG-13 // Sarah thinks about where an open door can lead you to.

Cameron/Sarah - A Good Excuse
one shot story; NC-17 // Cameron and Sarah go on an undercover mission as girlfriends.

Cameron/Sarah - An Irrevocable Fact
drabble; PWP; NC-17 // A fact Cameron really loves about Sarah.

Cameron/Sarah - Once More with Passion
flash fiction; PWP; NC-17 // A cold shower doesn’t always help to cool things off.

Cameron/Sarah - So Close and Yet So Far
short-short; PWP; NC-17 // Cameron has Sarah hanging on the edge.

Cameron/Sarah - The Real Thing
flash fiction; PWP; NC-17 // Sarah walks in on Cameron, who’s busy with the washing machine.

Cameron/Sarah - Lucky Charm
one shot story; PG-13 // Everyone needs a lucky charm sometimes, especially when you’re Sarah Connor and have nothing to lose.

Cameron/Sarah - At Night
[Chapter 1]; [Chapter 2]
novelette; PG-13 // Sarah returns a favour.

The Flash

Caitlin/Linda, Iris/Eddie - Remember to Take a Taxi
drabble; PG-13 // Caitlin and Linda find common ground.

Iris/Linda - Taste of Regret
drabble; PG-13 // Iris knows, what regret tastes like.

The Originals

Hayley/Rebekah - Bittersweet
drabble; PG-13 // Hayley is a popular girl, but there’s only one she truly wants.

The Shannara Chronicles

Amberle/Eretria - The Greatest Adventure
drabble; PG-13 // Amberle things about the greatest adventure of her life.

The Vampire Diaries

Caroline/Elena - Need Arises
drabble; PG-13 // Elena goes to Caroline only as the need arises

The Walking Dead

Andrea/Michonne - Vacation from the Road
drabble; PG-13 // Even in a zombie-infested world there are beautiful days.

Maggie/Rosita, Maggie's POV - Losing my Religion
drabble; PG-13 // There's a better solace than any faith.

Wynonna Earp

Nicole/Waverly - Pink
drabble; PG // Waverly might have gone a little overboard preparing the nursery.

Nicole/Waverly - Caught Red-Handed
drabble; PG // Nicole is not that smooth stalking her secret crush.

Nicole/Waverly - Hold me Tight
drabble; PG-13 // Waverly has a hunger to still and nothing is going to stop her.


Once Upon a Time/The X-Files, Emma/Dana - It's All About the Truth
drabble; PG-13 // The Sheriff can't have a skeptical FBI agent snooping around Storybrooke.


Lena Headey/Summer Glau - One Lick
flash fiction; NC-17 // Sometimes one lick is all it takes.


Claim: The Ladies of Glee

Theme: Around the clock

Road Untaken
Journey to the Stars
Still the One (that Makes You Weak)
Passing the Pom Poms
A Proactive Solution
Pure Perfection
Anatomy of a Friendship
Glitter in the Air
08:00heyday 09:00planned
First memento
Smart Girls like Bad Girls
Drug of Choice
Where did we begin
13:00instantaneous 14:00season 15:00unpredictable 16:00evolution
Inevitability of Evolution
Down the Rabbit Hole
What Not to Wear to a Zombie Apocalypse
Changing Room Confessions
Movie Buff
It Just Kinda Happened
Sound of Your Heart
Morning Sweetness

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Claim: Arrow - Felicity/Sara [COMPLETE]

Theme: Kinks

Agony of Choice
2. temperature
Too Hot to Think
3. restrained
If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Fun
4. edging
Tease Me 'til it Hurts
5. roleplay
Tired of Watching (from the Shadows)
6. spanking
Quite a Lovely Shade of Red
7. pain
Hurts so Good
8. mirrors
The Newest Addition
9. begging
Wrecked and Pleading
10. self-love
Firmly in the Saddle

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Claim: Agents of SHIELD- general fandom [COMPLETE]

Theme: Alternate Universes

1. Vampire
Red on White
2. Movie Fusion
Flirting...with Brachiosaurs
3. Prison
In the Palm of Her Hand
4. Sex Workers
Mistress of the Hour
5. High School
Disaster Averted
6. Ghosts
Worst Date Ever
7. Coffee Shop
Tattoo Girl and the Interfering Ex
8. Sports
Getting Fired Up
9. Apocalypse
Half-Life of Hope
10. Noir
Codename Damsel

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Claim: The 100 - general fandom

Theme: Alternate Universes

1. prompt 2. prompt 3. prompt 4. prompt 5. prompt
6. prompt 7. prompt 8. prompt 9. prompt 10. prompt

I’ve also written a lot of German fanfiction most of them for the Buffy fandom, but I’m too lazy to include these stories here at the moment. I don’t think that anyone is interested either. Tell me when I’m wrong and I’ll add these links.

I also have an account at Fanfiction.net as well as at Archive of our own, but I still have to post stories on both sites for them to be complete.

At some point there will (hopefully) be a separate entry for my artwork.

If you notice any mistakes please let me know so that I can fix it. Thank you!

Feeling: accomplished


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