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Title: Snugger Fit
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma/Regina
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2.713
Chapters: 2/3 - Chapter 1
Summary: Regina has a plan how to get what she wants and how to punish Emma for last night.
Notes: Sequel to “Lust & Ice Cream” // A huge thank you goes to my amazing betareader [livejournal.com profile] lanalucy // The wonderful story banner is made by [livejournal.com profile] kuwlshadow

Emma left Regina’s office, still flushed and a little weak in the knees. It always amazed her how easily Regina was able to switch between loving wife and erotic temptress. Emma knew how blessed she was and sighed in contentment.

With her hands in the pockets of her jacket and her head bowed, Emma tried to reach the sheriff station as fast as possible. The last thing she wanted was to raise anyone’s suspicions, so she walked down Main Street deliberately. It was the first time Emma had worn a butt plug in public, and the plug in her ass moved and pressed - actually quite nicely - with every step she took. It was weird and a little bit uncomfortable, but she had to admit it was thrilling too. It took a lot to keep from moaning, to avoid getting lost in the memories of what had just occurred in the Mayor’s office.


She heard someone call her name, but Emma didn’t look in the direction it came from. She wasn’t sure she would be able to have a normal conversation in her current state.

“Emma! Over here!” she was called again and this time Emma had to look.

It was Ruby, waving at her from the side entrance of Granny’s diner. Apparently Ruby was on her break, dragging on a cigarette with relish. She was wearing the short red and white waitress uniform Emma - and probably all of Storybrook - appreciated very much.

Emma sighed and walked over to her friend. “Hey, Ruby, what’s up?” she greeted her.

Ruby shrugged and took another long drag, before she blew out the smoke. “Just wanted to give you a piece of advice.”

“Oh yeah? About what?”

The grin on Ruby’s lips was a dirty one. “On how to be a little less obvious that you’re wearing a plug and that you’ve been just fucked mindless,” she said, giving Emma a wolfish smile.

“What?” Emma was dumbfounded. She crossed her arms under her breasts. “How… how did you know?”

Ruby tipped her nose with a finger. “A – as you know, I do have an extraordinary sense of smell. And B – you kinda walk funny.” She took another deep drag and blew the smoke half out through her nostril and past her lips, where it formed a small O.

“I don’t walk funny,” Emma negated defensively. The conversation had instantly been awkward, but with Ruby she shouldn’t have expected anything different. Ruby never really beat around the bush. Though right now Emma wished for a bit more discretion.

“Yeah, you do.” Ruby continued to smile at her friend. “You walk just like Belle when I take her out with a plug up her cute little ass.”

“Oh God, please don’t say anything else!” Emma groaned and rolled her eyes. “I’m so not having this conversation with you.”

Ruby shrugged again, taking another drag before letting the stub fall to the ground, and crushing it with her heel. “Fine, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

“Not gonna happen, but thanks I guess for offering.” Emma turned away from Ruby. “I have to go.“ She left Ruby standing there and resumed her hurried trip to the sheriff station. Emma was relieved when the door closed behind her.

A booming voice startled her.

“There you are! I was starting to worry.” Her father said, coming around a corner with a steaming coffee mug in his hands. “How was your break with Regina?”

There was nothing Emma could’ve done to prevent the blush creeping up her chest, over her throat, and into her cheeks. Talking to Ruby was one thing, but to her father was a whole new level of embarrassment. “Nice, it was… really nice.”

David eyed her curiously for a couple of moments. “You sound strange. Are you okay? Is the baby okay?”

“Yes, Dad, we’re both okay,” Emma assured him, as always warmed and a little unnerved by her farther’s concern. By now her ears felt like they were burning too.

David sat down at his desk, putting the coffee mug down. He reached for the phone. “Do you want me to call your mother?”

“NO!” Emma almost yelled, bringing up her hands. This was getting ridiculous. “I’m fine. Really, Dad, I promise.” Emma took off her jacket and hung it on the coat rack.

With her back to her father, she took a deep, calming breath. It had gotten easier to move around with the plug buried in her ass; by now Emma had nearly forgotten it was there. Until she sat down on her chair. The plug moved deeper inside her, increasing pressure, making sure she knew it was still there. Emma whimpered and gripped the desk’s edges.

“Damn,“ she swore under her breath. Feeling her farther’s eyes on her, Emma immediately reassured him with a white lie, “I’m okay. It was just an unexpected kick from the baby.“

For the next hour or so Emma tried to concentrate as best as possible on the paperwork piling up on her desk. But her mind constantly wandered back to the events at Regina’s office. Her body was sill humming from the sexual tension and relief. As if on cue her phone beeped, signaling her that she’d received a text message. It was from her wife.

Get rid of Charming, flashed on her screen, followed by another message. I’m on my way, so you better be ready for me, Miss Swan.

It immediately made Emma’s stomach flutter in excitement. She typed in her reply. Yes, Madam Mayor, as you wish. She got up, giving herself a second to readjust to the shifting plug. It was nice to have some of the pressure reduced. Then she went over to get her jacket.

“Heading home?“ her father asked just as she’d hoped.

“Patrol,“ Emma told him. “Gives people a sense of safety.“

David was predictable and that often made it easy for Emma to nudge his actions in the direction she wanted. So she grinned when he promptly offered to go on patrol instead of her. “You take it slow, okay?“ David said, shrugging into his jacket and taking the car keys in his hand. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and left the sheriff station.

Emma went to the small bathroom in the back and freshened up. She returned just in time for Regina’s arrival. Her wife had apparently traded her power suit for something else - legs bare underneath her red coat and feet glad in matching red high heels. Emma licked her lips in anticipation.

“Miss Swan,“ Regina greeted her, giving a curt nod. She quickly crossed the distance between them. Not wasting time, Regina clashed their bodies together, backing Emma up against her desk. The space between them sparked with electricity. Regina’s eyes dropped to Emma’s mouth. She licked her lips.“I think I’ve practiced patience long enough,“ Regina stated, pressing in some more.

Emma wasn’t thinking, just reacting, when her legs parted, inviting Regina to come closer still. Regina stepped between her legs promptly and brought their noses together.

The state Regina was in was obvious. It wasn’t difficult for Emma to read the signs - hooded eyes, a delicate blush on Regina’s cheeks - her body language was screaming Fuck me right here, right now.

“Yeah?“ Emma smirked, letting her fingers trail over the flaps of Regina’s coat. “And what do you want me to do about it?“ Emma’s hands landed on the first button of the coat. One after the other came loose as she waited for Regina to give her an answer. Regina always knew what she wanted and Emma was always happy to fulfill her wife’s desires. So Emma was sure Regina already had a good idea of how and where she wanted to be taken.

The final button gave way and the coat parted, revealing what Regina was wearing underneath. Black lace - from the balcony bra that nestled Regina’s breasts quite nicely with a little red bow in the middle, to the thong with two bows on each side, to the garter belt.

The need to touch made Emma’s hands twitch and her mouth water. Regina looked delicious and Emma wanted to savor every centimeter of her body.

“Madam Mayor,“ Emma said, her tone approving. She leaned forward and pressed their lips together. In the beginning it was soft and sweet. Then Regina started nipping at her lower lip, teeth scraping and making Emma want more. Their tongues met when Emma opened her mouth, pulling Regina flush against her.

After a while Emma withdrew slightly. “Tell me how you want to be fucked,“ she demanded breathlessly across Regina’s mouth. Already Emma’s face felt heated and the tingle of excitement in her lower abdomen grew stronger by the second. She reached out, her fingers meeting soft skin just below Regina’s ribs. When her fingers ghosted further upward, Emma heard Regina’s breath hitch. “Tell me,“ she encouraged again and pushed the coat over Regina’s shoulders.

Regina cooperated by taking her coat off and laying it over a chair. “I’ll show you. Later“ Regina’s eyes dropped back down to Emma’s mouth. Her fingers slide over Emma’s jaw, then brushed her lower lip, before Regina dipped forward to briefly kiss her again. “First let’s take a look at your sweet plugged ass.“ She grabbed Emma by the hips and turned her around.

Arousal shot through Emma. There was nothing like the rush when Regina seized control like that. Automatically she bent somewhat forward and widened her stance. “Yes, Madam Mayor,“ she husked, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans.

Regina did the rest by slipping Emma’s pants down and untangling them from her feet. “You left your panties at my office. Tell me, Miss Swan, did you do this on purpose?“

For a moment Emma just blinked, trying to pull her mind out of its aroused state. “I don’t know,“ she admitted. “You fucked me out of my mind, so I probably just forgot.“

Suddenly Regina’s hands were cupping Emma’s breasts from behind. She squeezed them gently a couple of times, slowly massaging. “That’s not the answer I’d hoped for.“ Her fingers closed around Emma’s nipples. Then she pinched them. Once. Twice.

“Aah,“ Emma hissed, wetness started to pool between her legs. “It won’t happen again, I promise.“ Her nipples were twisted slightly then released. Now Regina’s hands travelled down, back over her hips and halted on her ass. Emma’s cheeks were pulled apart and held open.

“Do you like our new toy?“ Regina wanted to know as she took hold of the plug’s base.

Emma did, very much so, and the thought made her face heat. “Yes, Madam Mayor, I do.“

“Tell me how it feels.” Regina began to twist the plug, a little bit to the right then a little bit to the left.

Emma groaned. Pleasant waves of lust shot through her body, making her center throb. “Full,” she managed to say, her pulse racing. “Good. So good.”

Regina tugged the plug lightly, its first wide ridge forcing Emma’s hole to stretch. Then she simply held it in place. “I’m going to remove it now,“ Regina told her. “You will not tense, you will not fuck yourself by pushing back nor pressing down against the desk. You’ll just let it happen.“

“Understood, Madam Mayor,“ Emma replied dutifully, attempting to prepare herself mentally for what was about to happen. She gripped the desk’s edge forcefully, evened her breathing and tried to relax her muscles.

Regina waited for a couple of moments before she started tugging at the plug again. She worked carefully, though there was still enough oil inside Emma’s hole to provide lubrication.

As the first ridge rubbed it way out, Emma moaned and whimpered, shivering between pain and arousal, her legs already shaking. “Holy crap,“ she cursed, struggling to let it all happen. She felt the oil leaking, trickling down her crack. The urge to constrict around the plug was enormous.

“Miss Swan,“ Regina said with a warning tone, digging the fingernails into Emma’s butt cheeks to emphasize her point.

Emma squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on relaxing. “S-sorry. Just please pull it out in one go.“ It was killing her that Regina was working the plug out of her so slowly.

“May I remind you that you’re not the one in charge here.“ Regina let go of the plug as well as of Emma’s cheek and stepped back at bit. “Five blows should do the trick.“

It didn’t take long before the first slap landed smartly across Emma’s ass. It stung a little, but Emma knew Regina’s blows had a tendency to grew in intensity. The second smack was already harder and Emma cried out. The stinging pain quickly transformed into a burn. The third slap was harder still and Emma couldn’t stop herself from trying to get away from the punishing hand.

“Stop struggling, Miss Swan. Or do you want me to add more blows?“ Regina asked warningly.

“No, Madam Mayor.“ Emma focused on remaining still. The fourth smack came down hard across her right cheek. “Aahh!“ The burn on her ass started to spread and there was a growing ache between her thighs. The fifth and last slap landed on her left cheek. It made Emma rear up shortly.

“Sshh, darling, it’s okay,“ Regina assured her, letting her hand rest against Emma’s ass, idly rubbing the sting from her flesh.

Emma stifled a whimper as Regina stroked her. She was so turned on right now and wished Regina’s hand would do more than just slide over her reddened backside. When Regina’s fingers went lower, dancing lightly down her crack and toward the juncture of her thighs Emma rasped, “Please.“ She arched towards Regina’s hand, her thighs parting in invitation.

“I can smell your lust. Let me feel it too.“ Regina’s fingers grazed Emma’s nether lips, testing the dampness there. Then they moved once more toward the heat of Emma’s core.

She parted her thighs for Regina again, further this time. Regina let one long digit glide through Emma’s wetness. As she grazed her clit, Emma bucked against Regina’s hand. The finger trailed slowly through her folds to her entrance. There Regina was barely moving and teased the opening of Emma’s pussy by not pushing in, just pressing delicately. Regina eased her finger inside, heat and wetness engulfing her. The walls of Emma’s pussy clung to the intruder. Regina wiggled her finger around before pulling out completely, scraping with her nail over Emma’s g-spot. “I’ve had a different plan in mind coming here.“

A sob escaped Emma. She wanted Regina to fuck her, wanted to come so desperately, but she didn’t dare say anything.

“So let’s get back to the original plan,“ Regina decided, pulling her finger out and took hold of the plug. It was still past the widest ridge, but before Regina pulled, she pushed the plug back in, making Emma’s hole stretch and then constrict around the plug’s narrow neck.

“Oooh, fuck! Are you kidding me?“ Emma’s legs shook more, her body already spiraling towards its first orgasm. The plug twisting inside her was withdrawn just barely past the first ridge, then shoved back in. “Regina!“ Emma screamed, gripping the table even harder. “I don’t know how much longer I can take it.“ Her muscles were quivering uncontrollably, her groans becoming louder and louder.

Regina took that as a sign and began to fuck Emma’s ass with the plug in earnest. She sped up her motions, and reached around with one hand to pinch Emma’s left nipple again.

“Goddammit!“ Emma swore as release washed over her in hot and cold waves. Her muscles cramped before letting go and wetness flowed out of her. Stars danced behind her eyelids, and for a moment Emma believed she was about to pass out.

“I’ve got you,“ Regina said as the plug slipped easily out of Emma’s hole. She turned Emma around and took her in her arms. Soothings fingers combed through blonde hair. “It’s okay, darling.“

It was unbelievable how drained and emotionally raw Emma felt. She clung to Regina as if she was drowning. “I love you,“ she whispered against Regina’s neck.

Regina kissed her temple. “I love you too.“


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