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Title: Snugger Fit
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma/Regina
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2.277
Chapters: 3/3 - Chapter 1 // Chapter 2
Summary: Regina has a plan how to get what she wants and how to punish Emma for last night.
Notes: Sequel to “Lust & Ice Cream” // A huge thank you goes to my amazing betareader [livejournal.com profile] lanalucy // The wonderful story banner is made by [livejournal.com profile] kuwlshadow

For a while it became quiet in the sheriff’s department. Regina and Emma simply held each other, making sweet declarations of love and enjoying their closeness. Bare skin was caressed without any sexual purpose. All it offered was safety and warmth.

“Not to ruin the mood, babe,“ Emma started when she had calmed down enough from her high. She placed light kisses along Regina’s jawline. “But how was that about a plan you had in mind when you first came here?“

Regina felt Emma’s smirk against her neck, where she had settled to nibble at her pulse point. “There’s nothing wrong with a change of plans when they turn out so nicely, don’t you think?“

“I agree, though I’d love to finally find out how you imagined me reciprocating the favor.“ Emma emphasized her point by letting her fingertips wander over Regina’s upper body. She traced the outline of Regina’s black bra, over the swell of her breasts.

“Don’t you mean favors, darling?“ Regina asked, not letting herself getting distracted by her wife.

“Whatever.“ Emma shrugged. Her gaze flickered up to Regina’s eyes before it traveled back down to inviting lips. “Just let me take care of you.“ She leaned it until their lips were almost touching. “You must be soaking wet.“

Regina gave a low and throaty chuckle. “You have no idea, Miss Swan.“

With that they were back in the game.

It restarted with a long kiss, slow and deep in the beginning. But they both never were any good when it came to withholding their passion. Their kiss didn’t take long to get heated. The flame of desire blazed up again as open mouths slid against each other and tongues met. They sucked and nibbled at each other eagerly, getting lost in the moment and the kiss. Heavy breathing filled the air.

After a while Regina’s hands began to run along Emma’s torso, as always enjoying the sensations touching her wife evoked. But Emma wouldn’t let her take it too far this time.

“My turn, Madam Mayor,“ Emma reminded her. It was time she took the lead. She unclasped Regina’s bra effortlessly, and reversed their positions so Regina was the one pressed up against the desk. Her hands explored Regina’s smooth skin as she watched her wife’s fervored expression.

Fingertips glided over Regina’s ribcage and a soft gasp slipped out of her only to be swallowed by a kiss. When Emma palmed both of her breasts, their kiss became even more passionate, and Regina felt at her wife’s mercy. She feared she might explode from pent-up sexual energy at any moment.

“Don’t worry, babe, I won’t leave you hanging,“ Emma promised her as if she were reading Regina’s mind. The dark pink peaks of Regina’s nipples were already hardening and Emma brushed her thumbs over them. It elicited a delicate whimper from Regina. When her nipples couldn’t get any harder, Emma bent her head and took the left one in her mouth. Swirling her tongue across the bud, she also brought a little bit of teeth into the mix.

A shiver of anticipation ran through Regina. Her orgasm had been building up for hours now and she was sure it wouldn’t need much for her to burst and come. “Good,“ she breathed out heavily. “Then let me queen you.“

Puzzled, Emma stilled her hands for a moment and released the nipple with a small wet noise. When she realized what Regina had just told her, a wide smile spread over Emma’s face. “Of course. Your wish is my command.“

Much to Regina’s dismay, Emma stepped away from her, but only to take her hand and lead her through the sheriff’s station to one of the cells.

“How about some cuffs for you?“ Emma suggested, watching as the question made Regina’s eyelids flutter. That was enough for her as an answer.

“Yes, please.“ It was barely a whisper, as if Regina was somewhat afraid to admit her secret desire.

Emma left Regina’s side, but returned quickly with a pair of handcuffs. “Show me your fantasy.“

The expression on Regina’s face was one of utter lust, her eyes darkened. Purple smoke started to rise around them. Shortly after, it enveloped them until they were swallowed whole.

When Emma reopened her eyes she found herself lying completely naked on her back on a cot in one of the cells. Above her Regina was hovering, having lost her panties, though her red high heels were still in place. Her hands were cuffed to one of the bars in front of her.

“That’s quite a vision,“ Emma stated, her voice thick with desire. “I really like where your fantasy is heading.“ Her tongue peeked out and ran over her lower lip. “C’mere, babe, lets take you for a ride.“

Regina closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “You’re going to be the death of me, Miss Swan, I hope you know that.“ With one leg on either side of Emma, Regina started to scoot forward.

Emma immediately seized the opportunity and placed her hands on the back of Regina’s thighs, guiding her. “I know, but I’ll try to make it the sweetest death possible.“ She gave her wife a wicked grin and wiggled her eyebrows.

Within the possible range of her restraints Regina shifted until her pelvis was aligned with Emma’s face. Even though the cot was narrow there was just enough space for them to find a comfortable position. Regina held onto the bars for support. When she looked down to the woman lying beneath her, Regina saw a hungry expression crossing Emma’s features as she drank in the sight in front of her. It was all Regina needed as a sign and slowly tilted her hips downward.

“Oh yes, that’s it, babe,“ Emma encouraged her as Regina’s sex was hovering directly above her face. She licked her lips, her fingers digging into the flesh of Regina’s thighs. Then her tongue darted out and made contact. Of course not directly where Regina wanted her to. That would’ve been way too easy. Emma wanted to play a little first, so she started by softly licking the inside of Regina’s right thigh.

Regina swallowed hard at the touch and pulled at the handcuffs, making them rattle. It was obvious after everything that had happened between them today, her body was more than ready to be taken over the edge.

“Just a little bit more patience, Madam Mayor, I’m getting to it,“ Emma said playfully, kissing the insides of Regina’s thighs. She hooked one hand around Regina’s ass and squeezed lightly.

Regina let out a little squeak which quickly turned into a moan when Emma’s mouth resumed its journey toward her center. For Regina’s taste, her wife could speed things up, especially as Emma started to lavish every inch of skin she could reach with attention. “Miss Swan,“ Regina said in a threatening tone.

“I know, babe, I know.“ With that Emma tilted her head another half-inch, making contact with Regina’s wet sex at last. Regina’s bare, smooth, glistening lips greeted her as she stuck out her tongue. Emma let it run along Regina’s outer lips before she swirled her tongue around the stiff bud on the upper end. To coax Regina’s clit out of its hood, Emma drew different patterns over its tip alternating with quick flicks of her tongue.

That was when Regina‘s moans became louder and she grabbed the bars forcefully. So far, she hadn’t moved that much, but now she began to grind her hips. “That’s more like it.“ Emma’s mouth was enough to let Regina forget everything else; the only thing mattered right now was finding her release.

Emma took Regina’s clit between her lips and drew it in as much as possible. “Emma,“ Regina husked above her, and it was more than enough to double the pounding between her own legs. She sucked Regina’s hard tip for a bit while her tongue continued to flick back and forth over it.

“Yes.“ Regina tipped her head backward and her muscles tensed as she rode Emma’s face. Everything in her body was coiling into a tight ball.

The sweet pressure of Regina’s thighs felt perfect to Emma; she could feel her wife approaching her orgasm at a rapid pace. She tightened her grip, pressing Regina flush against her mouth. It got more difficult by the second to pleasure Regina with her hips bucking so hard now. Regina’s arousal was covering the bottom of her face and Emma loved it. She decided to speed things up and give Regina the release she craved so much. So one hand slid to Regina’s entrance, slick lips parting easily for her fingers. “So damn wet for me, babe,“ Emma murmured.

Regina let out a fresh wave of moans as the muscles in her legs twitched with her building ecstasy. She arched her back, pressing her center downward firmly, determined. One stiff finger entered her, slid in right to the second knuckle. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second, her inner walls trying to grip the single digit. “More,“ Regina demanded. “I need more.“

Without answering, Emma added a second finger, slowly pumping in and out of her wife. She was still drawing patterns over Regina’s clit while giving it the occasional suck. It was easy to see and feel Regina getting very close to the edge. So Emma pressed her fingers upward and caressed the inner walls desperately clutching at her. A third finger joined the other two, and again Regina opened up for her effortlessly.

Emma’s fingers pushed into Regina with determination, angling for the sweet rough spot on their way out. The rhythm increased along with Regina’s hips. The sucking and licking at her clit got forceful as well. “Almost,“ Regina told Emma, arching her back even more. A series of moans and gasps escaped her. Then Regina tipped the rest of the way over. The pent-up muscles let go and Regina’s juices were pulsing out of her center.

The sensations of Regina’s climax overran Emma. She was in awe of how intense it was. Regina’s body was shaken by spasm after spasm, her walls clenching around Emma’s fingers and her legs squeezing Emma’s head. Regina cried out above her, but Emma decided not to let her finish that easily. She slowed her fingers down somewhat when she felt Regina coming down from her high, but didn’t stop them completely yet. Emma kept going with light licks of her tongue and with long strokes of her fingers, just drawing out every last bit her wife had to give.

“Enough, darling,“ Regina said breathlessly and slumped over. She held onto the bars, trying to keep her balance even though she was still trembling.

When Emma finally detached her mouth from Regina’s center, she saw the aftershocks running through her wife - hips still twitching and muscles rippling. “You’re so beautiful.“ They smiled at each other. “But you know we’ll have to discuss your punishment for using magic later, right?“ Emma reminded her of their agreement to only use magic when absolutely necessary and for nothing trivial.

The glint in Regina’s eyes was a devilish one and a shudder ran down Emma’s spin.

“Of course, darling,“ Regina agreed, biting down on her bottom lip.


“Mhhmmm, this is so good,“ Emma purred when she slipped into the bathtub. The water had just the right temperature, foam and bubbles floating on the water‘s surface. The air was filled with the scent of vanilla and apples, while the room was illuminated by a couple of candles. “Thank you for this.“

Regina let go of Emma’s elbow. She had helped her wife into the bath as it was slowly getting difficult for her to get up and down with her pregnancy belly. “I have to admit, this is not what I imagined when you brought up punishment earlier,“ Regina said. Her tone gave away she was more amused than miffed.

“Don’t you worry, you’re not getting off that easily.“ Emma smiled and instructed, “Take off your clothes.“

Regina smirked. “That’s more like it.“ Even though she wasn’t wearing much to begin with, she took her time to untie the knot of her bathrobe. Inch by inch it slid over her shoulders, its neckline widening further until the robe finally slipped and landed on the bathroom floor.

“Are you aware of how yummy your are?“ Emma asked, her tongue trailing over her bottom lip before she worried it pensively. She thought about what to do next. In her opinion she had two choices. Option number one was letting Regina stand there naked as she was, while Emma would enjoy the view and pleasure herself. Option number two was inviting Regina into the tub, either simply savoring their closeness or letting Regina taking care of that already growing need between her legs. “Damn hormones,“ she huffed, wiping some loose strands of blonde hair from her face. “Get in here, babe.“

Carefully Regina climbed into the tub while Emma tried to make room for her. Once Regina had found a comfortable position, Emma leaned back into her wife and closed her eyes with a satisfied sigh. “How about a massage for my shoulders, babe?“ Emma proposed. “They feel really tense.“

Where Regina’s hands had first rested on the edges of the bathtub they were now gently taking hold of Emma’s shoulders. “I can help you relax, Miss Swan,“ Regina promised with a whisper, bringing her lips to Emma’s left ear.

“Oh, I’m sure you can.“ Emma’s eyes fluttered shut - happy and content - as Regina’s fingers started to knead.

The End.

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