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Title: Under Your Spell

Fandom: Wynonna Earp

Pairing: Nicole/Waverly

Prompt: Awkward Situation. Day 2 of Wayhaught Week on tumblr

Rating: PG

Word Count:
 It seems to be their destiny that no matter the circumstances of their first meeting Waverly ends up stuck in an article of clothing and Nicoles is there to help her.
Notes: My wonderful betareader is [livejournal.com profile] lanalucy.

Nicole shut the tailgate of her pick-up truck with a loud bang after storing her purchases in the truck bed. Her green 1971 Ford F-250 used to be her grandfather’s. For as long as Nicole could remember, she’d helped him to keep it in good shape. She’d loved to spent time in the garage, getting her hands dirty while working on the truck with her grandpa. It had brought tears of joy to Nicole’s eyes when he gave it to her as a present on her 18th birthday. When her grandpa died shortly after that, she would barely get out of the truck for a month. At his funeral Nicole promised to love and cherish the car for as long as she lived.

“No, Wynonna, that’s not what I…,“ Nicole heard someone say and her head whipped around immediately, pulling her out of her thoughts. Waverly Earp was walking down the sidewalk, phone pressed to her right ear and a scowl on her features. Before Nicole knew what she was doing she dropped into a crouch, hiding behind her truck. Carefully Nicole peeked around the back wheel, observing the younger one of the Earp sisters. “You can get your ass off the couch and go buy your booze on your own! I’m hanging up!“ Waverly almost yelled, pressing a button and putting her phone into the handbag dangling on her arm.

Waverly closed her eyes and let out a growl, followed by a long sigh. When she reopened them she looked at the sign of the nearest shop. A small smile spread on Waverly’s lips and there was a bounce in her step - her long hair swinging form side to side - as she entered the store. Apparently she’d decided to treat herself with some shopping.

Behind her truck Nicole pressed a hand to her chest. Her heart was beating wildly and she could feel sweat prickling on her forehead at the hairline. She’d noticed with amazement how quickly Waverly’s mood had turned from infuriated to chipper. People called Waverly Purgatory’s little ray of sunshine - Nicole now had seen with her own eyes why and couldn’t agree more. Still she had no idea why this girl had knocked her socks off the moment she’d first laid eyes on her. It had only been two weeks since Nicole had started as a rookie officer in this small town and she’d seen Waverly only like four times from afar, but something about her made Nicole feel giddy.

“Don’t be ridiculous,“ Nicole chided herself, getting back up and swiping over her brow with the back of her hand. Beautiful women with infectious smiles were Nicole’s weak spot, she was well aware of that. However, it didn’t give her the right to behave like a love-struck idiot. “You’ve a job to concentrate on. You haven’t even met the girl.“

Other pedestrians were giving her odd looks. Nicole wasn’t wearing her uniform, so she hoped no one would recognize her. The last thing she needed only half a month in town was a reputation as a crazy chick. Although Nicole had already heard rumors this title belonged to Wynonna, Waverly’s older sister.

Nicole decided one more look at Waverly wouldn’t hurt anybody, so she went around her truck, slowly walking by the window of the shop Waverly had disappeared into. There she was, picking up hanger after hanger and inspecting the respective articles of clothing. The mixture of concentration and joy on her face was adorable. Nicole melted, falling right under Waverly’s spell.

It was then Nicole made up her mind. She quickly checked her appearance in the window of the shop - plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and the top three buttons undone, tight-fitting grey jeans and her hair in a loose pigtail. Nicole had not planned today as the day where she would finally introduce herself to Waverly Earp. But maybe a more casual look wouldn’t seem as intimidating as her uniform. With a deep and calming breath, Nicole pulled back her shoulders, raised her chin and opened the door to the shop.

You totally got this, she told herself. Play it cool. She usually didn’t do nervous - she was confident, and subliminal flirting came to her effortlessly - but with Waverly, Nicole felt slightly off her game. Briefly Nicole played with the thought of aborting her plan to say ‘Hi’ to the most beautiful woman in the town. Probably another time when she was wearing her uniform would make her feel somewhat more sure of herself.

As Nicole got closer to the short brunette, her heart started to beat faster and her nerves flared up. There was music coming over the speakers, Bon Jovi telling her to ’Keep the Faith’. Nevertheless, Nicole took a turnoff into another row at the last moment, scolding herself inwardly. She could feel Waverly’s eyes on her. It gave her goosebumps, so she busied herself with folding some clothes and piling them neatly. When Waverly had turned back to inspecting some dresses, Nicole made another attempt. After one long exhale to release some of the tension, Nicole swaggered directly toward Waverly, who looked up at her. Nicole opened her mouth but instead of saying something she just brushed past Waverly and pretended to arrange some hangers. This was silly; it had to stop before she made an even bigger fool of herself than she already had.

“Excuse me?“ Waverly’s voice suddenly resounded beside her. It made Nicole nearly jump out of her skin. “Could you please help me find this dress in a smaller size? It drives me kinda cuckoo bananas when I have to keep looking for something when I know exactly what I want, but am running out of time. “ Waverly gave a cute little shrug and a lopsided smile. She outstretched her arm to show Nicole the dress she was referring to.

After a couple of moments Nicole realized that she’d just been staring at Waverly. “What?“ she asked, blinking in confusion as it settled in her brain that Waverly hadn’t just addressed her but also what she‘d said to her. Crap. Waverly apparently thought she was working here. “Yeah, sure.“ Nicole nodded and cleared her throat, trying to sound professional. “Absolutely.“

“Thank you…“ Waverly smiled shyly at her, indicating with a wave of her hand that she wanted a name.

“I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught,“ she answered and tipped the brim of an imaginary hat on her head. She wished she was wearing her Stetson; the motion would’ve looked so much better.

“Hi. I’m Waverly.“ She gave a tiny wave which was just too cute.

She didn’t give her last name, which Nicole found curious. It wasn’t her place to ask though. “I know,“ Nicole revealed with a dip of her chin. “You’re quite the popular girl around here.“

The atmosphere became a little bit weird with them looking at each other and a sparkly silver dress dangling between them. Nicole shook her head to get out of her daze. “All right, Waverly, why don’t you go and pick a changing room. I’ll be with you in a minute.“

“Sounds like a plan.“ Waverly smiled brightly.

It stole the breath right from Nicole’s lungs. She watched Waverly turn away from her and head for the changing rooms, Nicole‘s eyes fixated on the ass clad in jean shorts. The sway of Waverley’s hips was mesmerizing. Nicole didn’t care that she probably stared longer than appropriate, it was too tempting. “Okay….okay, dress… no problem.“ Her search became somewhat hectic, going through the rows, pushing hangers around. Nicole picked several dresses she liked on the first look and sighed in relief when she finally found the one Waverly had been asking for.

“Here you go,“ Nicole announced when she reached the changing room Waverly was in. The door was opened a crack, a small arm emerged and grabbed the articles. With a cheerful “Thank you,“ it disappeared again.

Nicole was at a loss as what to do next; she’d maneuvered herself into a delicate situation. She simply stayed rooted to the spot, her thoughts running wild. The image of a half-naked, changing Waverly on the other side of the door stirred up her blood.

“Nicole? You still there?“ Waverly asked with the door still closed.

She really, really liked the way Waverly said her name. “Yeah.“

There was a moment of hesitation, before Waverly spoke again. “Maybe you could… tell me what you think, help me making a decision?“

“Definitely can do,“ Nicole replied, not caring that she presumably sounded too eager. “What’s the occasion you need a dress for?“

Waverly stepped out of the cubicle, wearing the short, tight silver dress. It hugged her curves nicely. The vision took Nicole’s breath away. She momentarily lost the ability to speak and even to think clearly. All she could do was gape at Waverly.

“Bachelorette Party.“ Waverly twirled around, showing Nicole the dress from all sides and made some small dance moves as to test the dress‘ ability for it.

Nicole’s smile got strained before it flattered and vanished. “Oh, I see.“ Suddenly all the hope she already might have harbored that there was something more sparkling between them was ruined. There was more disappointment welling up inside Nicole than she would’ve liked. She couldn’t look at Waverly, and fixed her gazed on the carpet instead.

“Not mine! Oh no, no, no, definitely not mine,“ Waverly hastily replied. “It’s a friend’s party.“

Nicole looked up again, wondering why Waverly had hurried to correct her assumption. “Okay.“ A wide smile spread over Nicole’s lips, her heart immediately lighter than it had a couple of seconds before. “You look amazing,“ she told her honestly. “I think you should take the dress.“

A delicate blush rose on Waverly’s cheeks as she avoided Nicole’s gaze. “Thanks.“ She went back into the cubicle. It didn’t take her long to call out to her again. “Uh, Nicole? I’m stuck.“

Nicole chuckled, not knowing what awaited her. “Let me help you.“ She opened the door, slipping inside the cabin. When she saw the position Waverly had brought herself into it became difficult for her to not laugh out loud. The dress was halfway over Waverly’s head, arms raised high and leaving her in panties and a bra. Nicole took in a sharp breath and gulped. It seemed to get incredibly hot inside the small cubicle. The limited space of the room required Nicole to step in closely, invading Waverly’s space. “I’ve got you.“ Nicole’s palms were sweaty with nerves. She was glad Waverly couldn’t see how she swiped them on her jeans before she took hold of the dress. Her fingertips glided over the smooth skin of Waverly’s arms in the process, which sent shivers down her own spine. Carefully she untangled Waverly from the dress, trying her best to not let her eyes roam too freely over the girl’s body.

Once Waverly was freed, they both smiled broadly at each other.

Somewhat self-conscious, Waverly crossed her arms over her chest. “Good job you’re not some guy, right, or this would be really, really awkward.“ she said laughing, but trailed off when she saw Nicole’s reaction.

Nicole couldn’t hide her big grin. She tried to regain some control over her facial muscles, but failed miserably. She just couldn’t stop smiling like a fool. Breaking eye contact didn’t help either and Nicole feared Waverly felt the vibes she was radiating… very, very gay vibes.

“I owe you one,“ Waverly said, still smiling at her.

However, Nicole could feel a certain kind of nervousness coming from Waverly. She was probably guessing that Nicole preferred the ladies. Well, she would under no circumstances hide who she was. That was something she had never done in her life and wouldn't start even in a small town like Purgatory. The people around her would just have to accept her or stay away from her.

“Don’t worry,“ Nicole assured her. “It’s part of my job to help pretty girls in need.“ She felt like slapping against her forehead. This would’ve been a perfect opportunity to ask Waverly out, maybe for something harmless like coffee. Nicole would love to get to know Waverly better, finding out if it would lead to something. There was an electric atmosphere between them, feeling like a promise of something more. “I should get going and let you get dressed,“ was what Nicole ended up saying, stepping back from Waverly and slipping out of the cubicle.

Nicole had barely time to regain her composure before someone called, “Hey, Officer Haught!“ She turned around in shock, her eyes going wide when she recognized the woman approaching her. It was Chrissy Nedley, the sheriff’s daughter.

“I thought that was you.“ Chrissy laughed. “It isn’t easy to tell with you being out of uniform and all.“

The door of the cubicle swung open and Waverly’s head poked out. “Officer?“ she asked, her voiced high-pitched. Waverly’s eyes rapidly flitted from one woman to the other, disbelief written all over her face. “Oh my God, Officer?! Really?“ Waverly raised her hands and buried her face in them.

If Nicole had thought the situation couldn’t get possibly any more awkward than it already was she would’ve been wrong.

“Hey, it’s okay,“ Nicole tried to reassure Waverly, speaking softly and ignoring Chrissy for the moment. She reached out to her and placed a hand on Waverly’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.“ Her cheeks were burning, she felt bad for not telling Waverly right away that she wasn't an employee at the shop.

“Jeez, this is so embarrassing,“ Waverly mumbled into her palms. Nicole had to strain her ears to understand what she was saying. “Why does something like that always happen to me?“

“Really, it’s no problem,“ Nicole tried again. “Helping pretty girls in need still comes with the job description.“ The joke didn’t have the desired effect; it even seemed to transform Waverly’s embarrassment into anger.

Waverly came out of the cubicle, her shorts were back on but she was still missing a top. She pointed an accusing finger at Nicole. “Why didn’t you say anything about you being a police officer?“

“I… I don’t know. There wasn’t really a chance to… and then I just kinda went with it.“ By now Nicole’s ears felt like they were in flames too. “I’m sorry, Waverly.“

Waverly huffed. “Well, Officer Haught, I hope you enjoyed playing me for a sucker.“ She grabbed her handbag, her shirt and the dress. “Have a good day.“ With that, Waverly linked arms with Chrissy and stormed away, leaving a confused Nicole behind.

“Shit,“ Nicole swore. Her first encounter with Waverly Earp couldn't possibly have gone worse. What she needed now was a plan on how to put things right.

The End?

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